Hands-on Science Center – Tullahoma, Tennessee

The Hands-On Science Center Offers Many Opportunities to Learn. The Hands-On Science Center in Tullahoma, Tennessee began in 1995 as a place to get children interested in science and math. Since they opened, they have been teaching and entertaining children, getting them excited to learn more in school. They have many different exhibits that stimulate young minds.

If you are traveling to the area of Tullahoma with your children in tow, you will want to make some time to visit the museum and see all of the wonderful exhibits they offer.

One of the most popular exhibits in the museum is Race with the Animals. Kids can see how fast varieties of different animals are from skunks to cheetahs and then measure their own speed in real time and compare it to that of the animals. The youngsters have a great time seeing if they can beat a squirrel or a skunk in a footrace!

Another exhibit that everyone seems to love is Real Flight. The simulator allows people to see what it is like to fly an actual remote control plane all without the fear of crashing it.

Everyone loves coming to Animal Alley and meeting all of the wonderful animals that live at the Center. A few of the animals you can see are a bearded dragon named Max, an iguana named Mr. Hubert Cumberdale, and a whole family of leopard geckos.

The Whisper Dishes are also fun. Guests get the chance to use parabolic dishes to learn about sound. You can hear the quietest of whispers from all the way across the room. Many different types of equipment, such as satellite dishes and reflector telescopes use this type of technology.

Kids will be able to find many other interesting exhibits at the Hands-On Science Center as well. They will be able to learn about such things as pressure, sound, light, geology, electricity, aerodynamic, and a whole lot more. With all of the different exhibits, kids are sure to get excited about science and technology, which will help them in their schooling.

Don’t forget to stop by the gift shop on your way out. You can pick up a variety of fun and educational souvenirs, from books and toys to rocks and globes.

The Center is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10AM to 5PM and on Sunday from 1PM to 5PM. The Center is not open on Mondays.

101 Mitchell Blvd
Tullahoma, TN 37388